You can cancel your membership package within 14 days of purchasing it and you can request a refund if you have not used any of your rights. We kindly ask you to send your refund requests to support@kunduzapp.com via e-mail, using the e-mail address belonging to your membership account.
Your Kunduz account and memberships will be identified to your phone number. You will receive a confirmation code on your phone in order to log in to your account. That is why we need your phone number.
– Insufficient balance / Insufficient limit
It means that the remaining limit in your card is not sufficient to buy the package. After increasing your card limit or depositing money into your card, you will be able to repeat the payment transaction and buy your package. You can also try using a different credit card for payment.
– The expiration date of your card is incorrect
You might have entered the incorrect expiration date for your card. The expiration date of your card is written on your card as month/year (eg. 06/21) and it indicated the latest date when your card is valid. You may be seeing this error because you have entered the incorrect information or your card has already expired.
– The card is not valid for online purchases
Your card might not be available for online purchases. You need to get in touch with your bank and open your card for e-commerce use so that you can perform the transaction. 
– Other
If you are having a problem other than the ones mentioned above, please get in touch with support@kunduzapp.com.
There are two types of membership’s you can opt for. 1. Monthly – Will last for 30 days from the date of payment. 2. Annually – Will last for 10 months till 30th of June of next calendar year.
When your package is expired, you can still access the solutions of the questions you have asked before, whenever you want.
From Grade 5 to Grade 12, and anyone taking a last leap in the following exams – JEE Mains, JEE advanced, NEET, BITSAT, NCERT & other science related exams
If the questions that you have accidentally asked have not yet been assigned to a tutor, you can go to “Question Box” and choose the question, then click on “…” on the right-hand corner, then click on “Delete the Question”. If the question you have asked has already been assigned to a tutor, you are not allowed to delete the question so that the tutors can get their time’s and effort’s worth.